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How do I purchase a trailer???

Buying Process
When purchasing your trailer, we ONLY accept the following forms of payments: Cash, Cashiers Check, Wire Transfers or financing through our lenders (or guaranteed funds from your lender). NO PERSONAL CHECKS or CREDIT CARDS WILL BE ACCEPTED FOR A TRAILER PURCHASE. Funds must be guaranteed.  The only way to be certain a trailer will be held for you is to put a non-refundable deposit on the trailer you are wanting to purchase.  Without a non-refundable deposit we cannot guarantee that said trailer will not be sold.  A trailer can be available one minute but gone the next so to guarantee your purchase be sure to get a non-refundable deposit on your trailer right away!!!  We strongly suggest you have your financing source secured before placing your non-refundable deposit.  Thank you for understanding!

Please send us an email when you are filling out the financing paperwork. 

Click on button to fill out financing forms.

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